Sukoshi Buta & Friends Stickers Now Available!

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Sukoshi Buta & Friends Stickers

These are so cool, they deserved their own post. I am selling Piggy stickers with my artwork on them! Just peel them off and put them anywhere! In my 12+ years in the printing/marketing industry I never thought I would have my own die-cut stickers! Very exciting!

As with all my pig products, a portion of all sales go towards helping pigs in need.

Pigasso Tribute Art Print Now Available!

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DSC_0143b_x1000From American Mini Pig Association Rescue Advocates:

Pigasso prints are here! Pigasso prints are here!!! Pigasso, the beloved painter of SNOUT ART is forever in our hearts. He touched many in his too short life. As a true philanthropist Pigasso has been given the opportunity to continue helping pigs in need. Kevin Gottuso of Pigxel Art painted this gorgeous memorial of Pigasso. High quality 8 x 10 inch prints are offered for $14.99 + shipping with all proceeds going to AMPA Rescue Advocates.

If Pigasso touched your heart, if you enjoyed his art, or if you just LOVE fabulous pig art, give yourself the gift of supporting AMPA Rescue Advocates in our quest to help pigs, rescues and sanctuaries across the nation.

Thank you Kevin, for all you have done to immortalize our cherished Pigasso.

Order your Pigasso prints at PigxelArt