Ames & Zelda

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A little 2″ canvas (with equally adorable miniature easel), presented to Amelia today on her last day of school / first day of summer. A cartoon version of Amelia and Zelda, drawn with India ink marker and crayons.

3DS Charging Stand

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Carrie needed a solution for charging her 3DS systems, so I built a cute little stand for them. I have holes in the back for the charge cables to go through, and everything fits nice and tidy on her night stand.



Bath Time!

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20140227-005951.jpgNot really art or anything, just neat to look at. I am restoring a bunch of GameBoy and GameBoy Pocket systems, and this is one of the first steps, and also one of my favorites. Disassembly and then through the dishwasher!

Dog Hunt

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Duck Hunt Arcade Version

On the arcade version of “Duck Hunt,” titled “VS. Duck Hunt,” you can accidentally shoot the dog when he laughs at you. They obviously changed this for the home version!