Muddy Buddies Final Artwork

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I colored the final drawing using watercolor paint on a separate sheet and combined the color and line art in Photoshop. The pig on the left is colored after our first pig, Yoshi, and the pig on the right is colored after our second pig, Ponyo. Both have passed, so it was nice to remember them in this way. I …

Pigasso Tribute Digital Final

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This is the final digital artwork with a couple of tweaks and color edits. I ‘borrowed’ a copy of Picasso’s signature and altered it to read “Pigasso” as a final touch. I’m so sorry for your loss, Stephanie. I hope I could make a dark time a little brighter.

Pigasso Tribute

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I drew this for my friend Stephanie. She lost her beloved pet pig Pigasso very suddenly and unexpectedly. Pigasso was a very special painting pig who created artwork for Stephanie’s Snout Art. I wanted to do something for her, and art is a talent that Pigasso and I share. I studied reference photos of Pigasso, and I created a scene …

Don’t Drop the Prize (2015 Revision)

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This is an old t-shirt design that never got made into a t-shirt. I recently revised the artwork (to reflect my signature pig design) and uploaded it to RedBubble, where you can, in fact, finally order it on a t-shirt or whatever you’d like. This was in india ink, but later converted to vector line art and colored in Adobe …