Don’t Drop the Prize (2015 Revision)

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Don't Drop The Prize 2015

This is an old t-shirt design that never got made into a t-shirt. I recently revised the artwork (to reflect my signature pig design) and uploaded it to RedBubble, where you can, in fact, finally order it on a t-shirt or whatever you’d like. This was in india ink, but later converted to vector line art and colored in Adobe Illustrator.

Swampy Rumrunners

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swampy rum runners006b

I designed this for a friend.  He wanted a skull kraken in a less cartoony style than I usually work in.  This was done with india ink markers, instead of my usual brush technique.  I thought it would make it grittier.  The final image was used on a shirt design for his running team at the Tough Mudder.

Yoshi’s Island

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With Zelda on the way, we thought we would freshen up the paint in Yoshi’s Island a bit. It’s constantly a work in progress, and still isn’t technically finished, but I thought I would share it here in its current state.