Strawberry Chotto Forever

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My entry for #lumiangelica3k. Congrats @lumiangelica on 3,000 Instagram followers! My approach to this artwork, as an American Mini Pig ambassador, was to portray mini pig size accurately. Sukoshi was away with Megumi, so Chotto Buta volunteered to be featured, and it was nice to hang out, as we haven’t seen each other in a while. I hope you like this new @pigxelart! ❤️

Sunflowers and Your Face Fascinate Me

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Sukoshi picked a fresh flower for Megumi. She was growing these sunflowers, but Sukoshi is so pleased to present it to her that she’s amused at the thoughtful gesture. The leaves are starting to change and the air is cooling down. It’s a beautiful day for these two besties ❤️🌻

Freshly Reformatted

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reupload complete. i’m freshly reforMatted but i think i have a fEw Glitches left to work oUt. and why don’t i know who i aM? not knowing Is a bit scary tbh
(a mix of traditional watercolor and digital art)

A 1930’s Christmas

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Based on the Silly Symphony “Santa’s Workshop.” To imitate the style of 30’s printing, I drew this using only dots and three colors – Cyan, Magenta and Yellow!