Rayman Challenges App: Final Scores

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Rayman Challenge App: Final RankRayman Challenge App: Final Extreme Challenge StatsRayman Challenge App: Final Challenge StatsRayman Challenge App: 285th place

These are my final screenshots from the last day of the Rayman Challenges App. I ended the challenge in 290th place in the world, with my lowest ranking in 285th place. I have really enjoyed the challenges and liked sitting down at the end of the day to play them. The app released on April 25, 2013 and ended on September 3rd, 2013. My total time played: 144 hours and 52 minutes!

Bit.Trip Runner: Solved!

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Bit.Trip Runner Pic 1Bit.Trip Runner Pic 2Bit.Trip Runner Pic 3Bit.Trip Runner Pic 4

This is definitely one of the most difficult and well made games I have ever played. The level difficulty is out of this world, but the game designers provide the player with the tools and the responsive play control to pull it off. I like when game difficulty feels like it is only difficult because I’m not good enough, not because it’s poorly designed. It makes it much more rewarding when you finally get through a tough level.

Gunman Clive: Solved (Twice)!

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Above: iPad version of Gunman Clive. Solved February 3, 2013.

clive2Gunman Clive 1

Above: 3DS eShop version of Gunman Clive. Solved February 2, 2013.

This is a fun little 3DS eShop game that I downloaded. It is incredibly fun. It has elements of Contra, Mega Man, Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country, you name it. Super glad I played this one!

Super Mario Bros. U Solved!

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Super Mario Bros. U 100% Complete

Saved the princess! Dare I say it, Super Mario Bros. U is the finest Mario game I have played in … ever? The future of Mario is in good hands, indeed!