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Super Mario S

I always remember to take the Cheerios with me on my trips to Subcon.
EDIT: Now available as a shirt!

Sukoshi Buta as Legend of Zelda Pig

It’s dangerous to go alone! Make sure your pets have plenty of access to water during these hot summer days.

AMPA Cookbook Cover





The secret is finally out! A few weeks ago, I completed brand new artwork for the AMPA- American Mini Pig Association Mini Pig Cookbook, releasing this Thursday! Be sure to check out their special one day auction today to raise money for mini pigs and get your copy before anyone else!

Sukoshi Buta Celebrates National Ice Cream Day

Why did I only just find out that today was National Ice Cream Day?! It was a close call, but I was able to make up for lost time. #icecreamday #minticecreamftw #iamneverfulliamapig

Sukoshi Buta Plays Pokémon GO

I’ve got to catch them all! How many have you caught? #pokemongo #nintendofanpig