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Sukoshi Splatoon Fanart

I made some Splatoon fanart with Sukoshi Buta to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game’s release in the United States. Stay fresh!

Sukoshi Buta & Friends Playing Nintendo NES

It’s Friday night and the weekend is here! Grab a couple of friends and curl around your favorite controller. Digital Drawing.

Pokémon Starters 2

Sukoshi Buta pals around with the Pokémon Sun and Moon starters.

If you know pigs, you know that they are masters of the side eye.

It’s the simple joys in life…. chewbacca mom pig

Chewbacca mom became Chewbacca pig when Sukoshi recreated the now famous viral Facebook video. Digital Drawing.

Sukoshi Buta The Flash Sale was having a “Flash Sale” and Sukoshi got confused. Digital drawing.