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Sukoshi Buta as SB-8 Droid
Here’s a little fan art of Sukoshi Buta as BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. SB-8?

Rayman Legends 49th Place
I’ve been playing this game a few minutes before bed for several years now, and my persistence has gradually paid off. Tonight I broke into the top 50 overall out of nearly half a million players!

Merry Christmas from Sukoshi Buta!
Merry Christmas from Sukoshi Buta! Sukoshi is doing the Snoopy Dance! This drawing is an experiment, I’m trying out my new colored inks that I got for Christmas from my dad and colored pencils I got from my friend Dave.

Mega Pig
Mega Man as a Pig (not just any pig, Sukoshi Buta!). Handpainted ink and watercolor. Made for my brother, Joe Gottuso.

Fallout Pig
Fallout pig, handpainted ink and watercolor. For my brother’s girlfriend, Lisa Bodner.

Family Portrait
A family portrait with a twist, handpainted ink and watercolor. A Christmas present for my parents in law.

Dr Worm
Dr. Worm (from They Might Be Giants), handpainted ink and watercolor. A gift for my cousin Aaron Gottuso.

Pigxel Art Holiday Gift Tags
I’m super proud of these Pigxel Art Christmas gift tags. Available at my Pigxel Art store, and until Christmas a free set is shipped with every order!