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Bojo eCatalog Cover

Painted this for the new Bojo eCatalog coming out soon. Since the catalog has switched entirely to online digital, the cover art can now be in color, which opens up fun possibilities. This pays tribute to the Beatles cartoon, with the girls chasing The Beatles and Bojo chasing the memorabilia they are carrying.

Mario Chilling

Here is the final watercolor painting. I think it turned out well, though there are a few things that I would improve if I were a bit more confident with my watercolor.

Super Mario Relaxing (Work in Progress)

This is a work in progress, I did the inking and will do the watercoloring next.



Above: iPad version of Gunman Clive. Solved February 3, 2013.

clive2Gunman Clive 1

Above: 3DS eShop version of Gunman Clive. Solved February 2, 2013.

This is a fun little 3DS eShop game that I downloaded. It is incredibly fun. It has elements of Contra, Mega Man, Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country, you name it. Super glad I played this one!