Sukoshi Buta Celebrates National Ice Cream Day

Why did I only just find out that today was National Ice Cream Day?! It was a close call, but I was able to make up for lost time. #icecreamday #minticecreamftw #iamneverfulliamapig

Sukoshi Buta Plays Pokémon GO

I’ve got to catch them all! How many have you caught? #pokemongo #nintendofanpig

Father's Day Drawing

I drew this for my friend Stephanie. She lost her beloved pet pig Pigasso very suddenly and unexpectedly. Pigasso was a very special painting pig who created artwork for Stephanie’s Snout Art. I wanted to do something for her, and art is a talent that Pigasso and I share. I studied reference photos of Pigasso, and I created a scene where Pigasso was painting in Picasso’s style. The line art is India Ink with a #3 Rosemary & Co. Kolinsky Sable brush, and the color is watercolor paint.

muddy buddies cleanup web

I designed this for my wife’s running team at the Mudderella. She wanted my signature pigs decked out in 80’s gear. This is the line art, I will be doing the watercolor separately. Done in india ink with a #3 Rosemary & Co Sable brush (my favorite brush, and a Christmas gift from my wife).