Sukoshi 2017 Calendar

I am really excited to announce the Pigxel Art 2017 Sukoshi Buta & Friends Mini Calendar! It is printed on gorgeous thick and glossy cardstock, and each image really pops off the page!

Poke Pigs GO


Sukoshi Buta Thanksgivine 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! Now, who is ready for a nap?


Charcoal drawing of Crystal’s pig, Vincent. I even got to finally meet Vincent this week. Sending lots of love your way, Crystal. ❤️





Sukoshi plays Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced their new console this morning! Sukoshi is very excited!

Mega Rayquaza Cake

Amelia got a Mega Rayquaza (Legendary Pokémon) on this year’s birthday cake!

Pigxel Portrait

Zelda the Pig

Late night artists confession: no matter how many successful projects I have behind me, every time I look at a blank ‘canvas’ (regardless of medium) I wonder if I’ll be able to do it again. It’s both terrifying and exciting at the same time. But mostly terrifying.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the key is to push to draw that first line. And then the canvas isn’t blank anymore. And every line that I draw becomes less scary until I reach the end. The fear is replaced by accomplishment as the final lines are always the same: my signature. It is the reward at the end of the journey, it is comfort and pride. It is relief.

And then I start the next project. And I’m terrified again. And while I hate that I still feel that way after all this time, I think that what would truly be terrifying would be to lose that feeling. The fear is what makes the first line possible. It is the cure for a blank canvas.

There’s a metaphor for life here, I’m sure of it, but I’m too tired to get there right now. Good night ❤️